Thursday, 12 July 2012

she goes on and on ...

hey everyone! sorry for not updating that much... I have been so busy designing and creating a wedding dress for someone very special ! 
Yesterday was the end of my fashion design studies.. So, right now, having two Bachelor degrees, at the age of 23, I feel like a big circle is closing for me, and another, a very interesting and exciting one, will open. My next stop is London and London College of Fashion where I will do my Masters. I couldn't be happier for moving in London. A dream of mine for several years! 
But, wait, wait a second!!! Firstly, I really need some vacation...yes, how did I skip that???? Vacation season is coming up! Greek islands here I come... I will try to post as many things as possible and give you the best of the places that I am going to visit! and some beautiful outfits as well. See my problem like 90% of the time is that I have nobody to take my picture and I end up taking photos from my iphone, the usual from the bust down, that, let's be honest, are not that interesting.. anyway see you later!!!

xo Elen

here are some photos from last summer...

me and j

brother in law, boyfriend, brother and the aegean waves

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