Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Last Night

I went for dinner with my mum who is visiting me in London. I wore this 3.1philiplim pair of silk pants, my Celine ss12 pumps, a zara jacquard blazer and marc Jacobs "mini-stam" bag. 

So I do not know if you have noticed, well I guess you have not because I really do not know who is reading constantly this blog, probably no one, but anyway I changed its name... This happened firstly because I felt that the previous name wasn't really expressing my style, not from the fashion point of view but from the attitude point of view. I rarely say the word that’s fab! I do not think that fabulousness is what expresses me…Even though I think it is a funny word; it is not my style really. So I wanted to be more close to my inner self I chose something based on my name actually. So, I hope that you like it. I will change the domain soon as well. 

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