Sunday, 16 September 2012

Today this, tomorrow that

Yesterday I visited Selfridges with no intention to buy anything basically. But look what I found over there! Isabel Marant FW 12 13 boots. . . At first, it was a love at first sight… but after a bit I thought that nowadays, that the blogging business is really a business, with bloggers setting the trends when the collection appears, and not when it hits the stores, maybe this investment will be out of the door in a second. And I kept asking myself, is the trend over by the time it hits the stores? I think it is...Isabel Marant fw 12-13 boots? Yeah, ok, in one week the SS13 show will be on and these shoes will be so last season! 

So I couldn't help but wonder...Is tomorrow’s fashion, yesterday’s news?

And as these thoughts were crossing my mind (oh yes, what a huge problem I had! Big problems in this world, anyway...) I realized that when you buy shoes like these, you actually think a bit more in the long term. I want to have this shoes even if I never wear them, even if I put them in my house and decorate them, even if are 1000 seasons ago and I decide to wear them. These shoes are timeless in my opinion and I would like to consider myself as a collector of items that I will remember forever...

What do you think? The industry runs so fast, the collections and the seasons pass by so quickly without us realizing any trends and new things that we want to explore for the new season… Before winter arrives, we look at spring, and when spring arrives winter has come…

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